touching me, touching you

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rumor is assault with a deadly weapon call: twitter*com/WehoDaily. Sorry I’m like, epically nosy.

hey no, your nosiness combats my laziness - so thanks! i’ve turned my main lights off and double locked my door, just in case. we’ll see.

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deepfriedginger said: omg! where are you? LA?

znks said: jfc

yup, i live in west hollywood. i ignored the copters at first b/c i live under a route they always take up and over the hollywood hills. but then it sounded like more than one and closer than usual and then the cops were driving up and down and yeah…


on the plus side, i’ve passed fear and have moved on to frustration b/c the constant sound of the blades of the helicopter is starting to drive me insane.

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so i think there’s like a fugitive loose or some killer roaming around the streets b/c there’s been a helicopter circling over my street for like 30min and a little bit ago there were cops on a loudspeaker demanding someone come out of hiding… if i die, remember me for my fic. and my hugs! tag. that’s a good tag.


Are you a runner?

Chris + “The Magic Vein Of Sex”

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spanning years and continents

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tabitha requested: klaine’s butts


In my headcanon, Kitty and Unique surprise each other by becoming best friends. It starts with a random meeting at the music store on the weekend after Kitty learns that Artie is seeing a girl at film school. They start to chat, but when Kitty gets emotional and starts to close off into her default defensive bitch mode, Unique just wraps her in a big hug and lets her cry it out. They go their own separate ways after that, but the next weekend, Kitty asks Unique if she maybe wants to come over and watch a movie, and a ritual is begun. Occasionally Marley comes over, but somehow Kitty can’t let her guard down the way she can with Unique, and Marley is always just a little suspicious of their friendship (with good reason), so mostly it’s just something they do once in a while because Unique loves them both and wants her friends to love each other too. The one time they find themselves completely on the same page is when they decide to rally the troops and, in true Glee club fashion, get Unique voted Prom Queen. She wins by a landslide despite Sue’s attempts to convince the student body that Unique is actually a Fembot sent by the Libertarian Party to McKinley to destroy them all. 

Years down the road, though Marley is Unique’s maid-of-honour at her wedding, it is Kitty she asks quietly, in a late-night phone call close to Christmas, to be the godmother to her little girl. And it is Kitty who, when she makes full partner at her law firm, begins to put aside money for a help fund in Unique’s name, for transgendered youth seeking counselling and assistance in transitioning; “In the name of the strongest, fiercest woman I know. Because even the strong need help sometimes.” 

My headcanon because these two characters touched me and I want them to find comfort in each other, even now as the choir room has gone dark.

hrhchriscolfer: Happy Easter from me and the Endeavor! Hope you’re having as much fun as us!

hrhchriscolfer: Happy Easter from me and the Endeavor! Hope you’re having as much fun as us!

make me choose | warbler!blaine or mckinley!blaine

"Oftentimes I meet people who challenge me, “You have no idea what you’ve done for me.” Well the truth is, it’s the other way around. I do have an idea, and a pretty good one at that. Because for whatever you may think I may be giving you, you are actually giving back to me, tenfold." (x)